Buy Dosist Vape Cartridges UK 200 Doses



Buy Dosist Vape Cartridges UK 200 Doses

Buy Dosist Vape Cartridges UK

Developed in Humboldt County, Northern California, by Dosist, formerly Hmbldt. Their plants are grown in the beautiful regions of this County. Hence it’s incredibly rich in nature and a diverse thriving of life. This natural essence is poured into their product, and all the farms used are sustainable. They are proud of their roots and do not move away from this.

The pens themselves are designed to give people a safe, targeted and effective dosage, using precise formulas. They are fully committed to providing safe, targeted and precise dosages, so you can sit back and relax, enjoying the full effectiveness of the wonderful medicine which is cannabis. You can pick your mood or symptom with Dosist: sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy and relaxation, without the unwanted side effects. This also helps control the unwanted, overwhelming psychoactive effects.

Dosist Bliss

200 Doses

Blissful, cerebral high

Potent, but still with some CBD for balance

Great for cranking out some work

9:1 THC:CBD Ratio

Dosist Sleep

Induces sleep

x100 more effective than counting sheep

Contains 8:1 THC:CBD Ratio

Specifically chosen terpenes for helping sleep

Strong enough to help with insomnia

Dosist Calm

Calm encapsulated

Rich in CBD


Melt away stress

Worry will evaporate like spring rain

Dosist Relief

Relieves pain

Also induces sleep

Rich in CBD, 2:1 CBD: THC ratio

Headaches, period pain, arthitis etc.

Dosist Arouse

Rich in THC

Formula specific to stimulation

Burst of energy

Cerebral high

Dosist Passion

Rich in THC

Designed to heighten sexual experience

Cerebral high

Great for creating/innovating

Buy Dosist Vape Cartridges UK 

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Arouse, Bliss, Calm, Passion, Relief, Sleep


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