CBD Hemp Oil 1000mg UK



CBD Hemp Oil 1000mg UK

CBD Hemp Oil

This 1000mg of Cannabis Oil is a powerful, full spectrum, organic hemp oil extract made exclusively from top grade hemp.


*Full spectrum organic hemp oil extract with zero THC

*Sourced exclusively from top grade hemp

*Cultivated, harvested and also processed in the USA

*Microemulsified to 25 nanometers for superior absorption

*Natural mint flavor *Contains 1000mg CBD per bottle

Octagon Biolabs Weed Hemp Oil 1000mg  specifically formulated in rich CBD and other phytonutrients while having zero psychoactive effects. Through our partnership with experienced, knowledgeable and licensed farmers, we are able to acquire the most nutrient dense plants at the peak of potency. Also organically cultivated, harvested and processed in Colorado, USA with no pesticides.

Our full spectrum CBD is carefully collected and extracted from hemp’s aerial parts (stalks, leaves and flowers). This pure, clean and gentle extraction process yields the maximum levels of hemp’s natural constituents. Then, hemp oil dropets are emulsified to 25 nanometers, providing increased absorption, higher bioavailability and ultimately, greater effectiveness. These Cannabis Oil extracts are potent, undenatured, and fully active, while containing no harsh chemicals, contaminants or toxins.

Octagon Biolabs Cannabis Hemp Oil 1000mg – highly concentrated, highly bioactive and also highly effective.

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