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Ganja Gold Live Resin Oil Cartridges

Ganja Gold Live Resin Oil Cartridges

This product is for the true cannabis connoisseurs. Ganja Gold source their products with one thing in mind: authentic plant essences and true genetics. It is important to the company that their customers experience a smooth and terpene rich experience, but also that their experience is close to what you would expect if you were to smoke the flower. Their strain specific flavors and terpene profiles allow for a pleasant tasting, smooth, smoking experience.

Live Resin

THC Content: 81-87%

Ganja Gold Live Resin Cartridge is a 500 mg cartridge of ultra premium quality live resin THC oil.

Live resin is cannabis concentrate made from cannabis that was frozen immediately after harvesting. This process preserves THC and terpenes that provide maximum aroma, potency, and flavor.

The live resin cartridges are available in Hybrid and Sativa strains. According to the box, it has been produced by a “Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process.”

Lab-tested and does not use additives and thinners, making it one of the tastiest and purest oils on the market.

 Ganja Gold Live Resin Oil Cartridges have a coil that functions better than one powered by a wick. It operates at 6W or 3.3V, uses 510 threading, and fits most standard vapes.


Additional information

Ganja Gold

Gelato, Gorilla Glue, GSC, Jack Herer, Lavendar Kush, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Strawberry Lemonade, Sunset Sherbert, Super Silver Haze, True OG




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