Illuminations Watermelon Candy UK



Illuminations Watermelon Candy

Illuminations Watermelon Candy

Description: These delightful drops of watermelon goodness are vegan friendly and gluten free. Also made with organic cane sugar.

Vegan friendly & gluten free

Made with organic cane sugar

Cannabis extract made with organic food-grade ethanol

Each piece contains 10mg THC 10 pieces per unit – 100mg THC per bag

Therefore the cannabis extract used is made with organic food-grade ethanol. Hence each piece has 10mg THC for a total of 100mg per bag. So be sure of a yummy treat!

When you eat marijuana, it produces more body-centered effects compared to smoked marijuana, and effects are more evenly distributed throughout the body.

Eaten marijuana works better for LONG LASTING pain relief, muscle spasms, and similar conditions. But it takes longer to work than smoked marijuana and is thus not as useful for people needing immediate medical marijuana relief.

Benefits of Marijuana Edibles

It is helpful in treating patients who have Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury as well as multiple sclerosis.

Mental ailment like depression, anxiety as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can effectively be treated with edibles.

Helpful for muscle pain as well as chronic pain.

Epilepsy, as well as Autism, can get healed with these edibles.

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