Journeyman Weedtarts 100mg UK



Journeyman Weedtarts 100mg UK

Journeyman Weedtarts 100mg UK

This bag is so full of sunshine. Each fruity Weed Tart was picked from the very highest branches of the treat trees at the peak of Sweet and Sour Season. These treats are best described as similar to a Sweet Tart, but infused with marijuana goodness.

The newest, inventive, and most novel cannabis products to hit the market. If you’re curious about what advancements have been made in the cannabis industry, these are the products you’ll love to try!

For those looking for both cheerful and rejuvenating mental effects, and soothing and blanketing body effects – these are the products you’re looking for. These are true hybrids in every sense of the word.

Ingesting cannabis will affect you different than smoking the plant. However, exactly what effect edibles will have on you depends on several factors: the type and potency of the edibles you are using, your tolerance, your body chemistry, and even how much you’ve had to eat. Because the effects of eating an edible differ greatly from the effects of smoking. Many first time users are however caught off guard by the stronger potency and long-lasting effects.

Journeyman is here to preserve the good old days when weed was weed, couches were soft. Cherry, green apple, lemon pieces of sunshine picked off the treat trees at the peak of sweet and sour season. 10 x 10mg pieces per bag.

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