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Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil

Developed first by a marijuana activist in Canada and extracted from our THC dominant strains, comes with the promise of healthy and pain-free living. Extracted from the best choice strains of Cannabis plants grown organically to produce maximum and potent ingredients. It has also helped our customers to live peacefully through chemotherapy and other recovery processes.

This Marijuana oil contains a high percentage of both THC and CBD, making it very helpful for distress during pain and neurological conditions. The THC from our Medical Marijuana plants is said to bring instant peace and comfort from pain, while the CBD also helps patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Medicinal Benefits of this Oil

The psychoactive compound, THC in the oil is helpful in:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Asthma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Inflammation and pain related to arthritis

To make the matter easier, we have provided a clear chart of potency, as well as the THC and CBD concentration so that our customers can check before ordering.

Reach out to us for any questions concerning the products, their potency or anything related to Cannabis Oil products.


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