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RSO Pink Kush Oil

RSO Pink Kush Oil

This Rick Simpson Oil is made from Pink Kush flowers grown in beautiful British Columbia!

Pink Kush is thought to be a close relative of the legendary OG Kush (one history’s most popular cannabis strains). Pink Kush continues the legacy by delivering a potent body high, making it one of the most medicinal strains on the market. The effects of this strain set in almost immediately. Flooding the user with a warming body sensation, coupled with an intensely euphoric cerebral buzz. An indica-dominant hybrid, that provides a powerful body-focused high. For these reasons, Pink Kush is an effective tool in treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia and lack of appetite.

This high-end RSO has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 77.95% cannabinoids, including 73.50% THC!

We have determined that this product is 75% indica from this resource:

Rank Canabinols %Value
1 Delta-9 THC 73.50
3 CannaBiChromene 0.78
2 CannaBiGerol 2.40
5 Delta-9 THCV 0.50
4 CannaBiNol 0.47

Medicinal Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil

The psychoactive compound, THC in the oil is helpful in:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Asthma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Inflammation and pain related to arthritis

Ingestion only- Not intended for smoking/vaping/dabbing.

Buy RSO Pink Kush Oil UK


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