Banana Punch Marijuana Strain UK



Banana Punch Marijuana Strain

Strain: Banana Punch (Purple Punch x Banana Kush)

The high from this strain goes quickly to the head and gives the user utterly euphoric feelings and happily leads into a wonderfully heavy body high. It has all the aromas and flavors of its parents, lightly spicy, sweet and earthy. You’ll feel relieved and balanced as the body buzz comes in and moves over you. The inhale is smooth and the exhale leaves your mouth coated in its flavors.

The nugs are large, heavily covered with trichomes – thus it appears to be almost white with a hint of lime green. The aroma is earthy and a hint of skunk and sweetness. This strain is a very heavy and fast acting indica – the taste is slightly sour with some hits of ripen banana. Therefore, Banana Punch Marijuana Strain is strongly recommended for end of day relaxing and pain relief.

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